When you’re working from home with your family there, it can be hard for them to understand when it’s ok for them to come in versus when you’re working on critical things and cannot be interrupted.

That’s why it’s great to use a simple system to let your family know:

The Stoplight System

🔴 Red means do not come in
🟡 Yellow means knock before you come in
🟢 Green means it’s ok to come in

It’s designed to be so easy that even a toddler can understand it.

But, there is a major component to making it work… the visuals.

That’s why we have colorful door hangers in 3 different for you! Each design below is in all three colors so you can mix and match or keep the same design.​​

So you can easily implement this in your home.

Click here to grab the free printable pdf and get started using this system today!

Door Hangers Preview
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