Meet a Graduate of Instant Teams Academy!

See what Krista is saying about finding a job quickly and making more money than she ever has before!

Krista Clancy

Business Development Representative

I’m a military spouse from Houston, TX whose employment history is as varied as my PCS (Permanent Change of Station, or move) history. I have done everything from customer service to childcare to administrative work to non-profits. 

Then I completed the Business Development Representative track with Instant Teams Academy. At first, I hesitated to start because I had a job and knew I would have to give it up in order to do the internship. After struggling to find a job in the past, I was nervous to give this one up. 

However, once I enrolled, I realized that this program was more valuable than any single job — it was a full career development program. ITA helped me upskill and allowed me to hone in on my soft skills, which were previously under-utilized. 

Instant Teams Academy gave me skills that are useful in multiple industries PLUS the hands-on experience made me more confident in actually using the new skills I learned. 

As soon as I graduated from ITA, I quickly found a new job making more money than I ever have before.

Kirsta Clancy

Business Development Representative

There are more remote positions available now than ever before, but as most know, there are also increasing numbers of people looking to fill those positions. This is what makes Instant Teams Academy different from other opportunities. 

We are a full-circle academy and continue the same level of support beyond graduation. And right now, our Sales and Customer Success teams are hard at work securing positions for our graduates!

Did you know the average salary for a full-time Business Development Representative with less than one year of experience is $53,713?

As a Business Development Representative you’ll:

  • Talk to potential clients and customers to see if your company’s product is a good fit for them.
  • Build relationships.
  • Start the sales process.
  • Take on new challenges.

Are you ready to step into a career and stop jumping from job to job? 

If you’d like to explore 3 typical Sales Career Paths you could take as you grow within the BDR career path, visit our BDR Program page!

When you’re ready to learn the skills, land the job, and lean on a community built just for you, APPLY to Instant Teams Academy and begin your journey to becoming a Business Development Representative.

Instant Teams Academy is also MyCAA approved! Wanna see if you qualify? Click here.

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