In the last month alone, over 40,500 people asked Google, “how to make money fast.” In 2020, most military families have experienced a global pandemic, changing seasons, and increased family responsibilities. So, we’re here to share that you’re far from alone in thinking some extra money, say, $300 a month, could come in handy. Maybe you need to pay rent or prepare to make a long trek home for the holidays from wherever your loved one’s service has stationed you. Whatever your reason for needing cash fast (and keep reading, because we want to tell you about a way to invest that $300 in yourself and turn it into up to $50,000!), these strategies can help.

3 Ways To Make $300 Fast 

Maybe you’re looking to build your bank account without leaving the comfort of your couch. In that case, many companies want to compensate you in exchange for your opinions, personal information, and existing habits (hello online shopping!). Forbes reports that you can make up to $250 in just three hours by utilizing the below options.

1. Take Online Surveys 

We know that every click and website is (creepily) tracked to provide consumer insights to various companies. So, take some power back into your own hands and get paid for your wisdom and opinions using one of these popular companies.

Survey Junkie

When you take surveys or participate in digital focus groups through Survey Junkie, you get paid in points. These points work together and collect rewards like gift cards and PayPal cashouts. In turn, consumer brands use the information you share to gain deeper insights about their consumers (you!). Survey Junkie users say most surveys are quick and easy, and bonus points and extra participation options are frequent and straightforward to take advantage of.


Another popular digital market research company, Swagbucks, pays you to take surveys, watch videos, and shop and play games online. Their compensation comes in cash payments and $5-25 gift cards from many big-brand stores like Target, Walmart, and Amazon.

2. Get Creative 

As a military-connected professional, you know better than most how crazy life can get. Advertising yourself as available for odd jobs like house cleaning, childcare, and errand running is a great way to make some quick cash while lightening another person or family’s load. 

Make $300 Fast… and Regularly

Have you ever looked at your budget or financial goals and realized you need more than a one-time fix to keep things running smoothly? If you’re seeking a long-term option to add an extra $300 to your pocket every month, consider these options. 

3. Join a Service-Based Business

It’s 2020, and ease and convenience are highly valued. As a result, grocery and food delivery services have exploded in popularity in recent years. With a vehicle and a few extra hours at your disposal, $300 is just the beginning of what you can bring home!

Drive People Around

If you’re like 36% of Americans, you’ve relied on Uber or Lyft to help you reach your desired destination. Giving up some nights and weekends to do the same for others can earn you an average of $364 per month (depending on tips) driving for one of these popular ride-share companies.

Deliver Food or Groceries

Over 48% of Americans currently get some of their groceries online and delivered to their homes. A person who drives for DoorDash, GrubHub, or a similar food delivery service earns an average of $11 hourly plus 100% of tips. So, do you enjoy time in the car jamming to your favorite tunes and exploring new neighborhoods? If so, joining a food delivery service might be the ideal side-hustle to help you make $300 fast. 

Invest In Yourself (and NEVER fall short on funds again!)

While all the options we’ve discussed can provide you with some quick cash in case of emergencies, they’re short-term fixes for a bigger problem. Instead, wouldn’t it be more ideal to find a long-term solution that prepares you for success both in your career and on the homefront?

Instant Teams Academy Is Your Ticket to Success

As a military-connected professional, you need a career that pays well, can travel with you, and offers advancement opportunities wherever you’re at. With just 8-10 hours a week, 10-12 weeks, and $4,000 or less, Instant Teams Academy equips you to succeed in growing careers, including Business or Software Development, and Customer Success. 

Funds will come and go, but investing in yourself and your career is a valuable decision that deserves your attention. Contact us today to learn more about our rolling cohorts and why Instant Teams Academy is the best option to help you train for, find, land, and outperform your competitors in remote roles.