Learn the Skills


Land the Job


Lean on the Community


Learn the Skills

Choose between in-demand remote work careers with career growth opportunities that pay an average of $50,000 per year.

Each programs includes:

● 8-Week Training Program so you’re fully equipped with the skills employers want most in their remote employees.

● Live and On-Demand Training so you can work this into your schedule and learn in the way that suits you best.

● Verifiable, Industry-Recognized Certifications so you have proof to show employers that you’re qualified after you’ve taken your training.

Land the Job

This is where Instant Teams Academy goes to work with you to make sure you are 1000% ready to get the job!

We will help you:

● Become a Remote Work Pro so you’ll know how to best leverage your strengths, know remote work best practices, and be comfortable with all the digital tools and platforms required to be a Remote Work Professional.

● Perfect Your LinkedIn Profile and Personal Brand to ensure you’re positioned for the work you want.

● Practice for Virtual Interviews with Mock Interviews that cover the “what ifs” many fear headed into interviews.

● Select Graduate Pathways designed to navigate you towards successful employment at Instant Teams, specialized long term career mentorship, or self-guided career discovery.

Lean on the Community

Unlike other online courses out there, Instant Teams Academy knows the value of having a support system and community to really help you thrive!

That’s why we’ve built an exclusive community to assist you with on-going support.

They’ll be there to endorse and recommend you, keep you up-to-date on the latest trends in your field with monthly guest speakers and curated content so you can become the “person-in-the-know” in your company.

And, we don’t stop the support there.

Your dedicated Success Manager, will be going with you along your journey, helping clear obstacles, and meet your goals!

Instant Teams is Getting Ready for You to Graduate!

There are 3 big things Instant Teams is doing to help you succeed in finding a Remote Career.

1) As an Instant Teams Academy graduate, you’re instantly upgraded to “Remote Pro” status in Instant Team’s proprietary candidate profile system, Arti. This puts you at the top of the list for incoming jobs.

But we’ve gone beyond that…

2) We are also actively working to find new jobs to place Instant Teams Academy graduates in, so there are jobs waiting for you.

3) Top graduates will be eligible for the Instant Team Paid Internship Program to help you transition from knowledge to real-world experience.

I cannot say enough positive things about their courses! Being able to complete a certification online and still get face-to-face live sessions is so beneficial for all of us who don’t have the ability to attend a “traditional school” but still have some real interaction. The courses are led by well-educated instructors who have reallife experience in these areas! They know the daytoday and that helps us give an extremely well-rounded education! 

– Arielle Stimson

Head of Customer Success at Instant Teams

As a veteran turned military spouse, I wasn’t sure where I would fit into the professional world and experienced difficulty in finding a job. One 10-week course later and I had the remote job of my dreams. I didn’t even know what a career in business development was, but the team helped me find that it was the perfect fit for me. I took this course while my husband was gone with two little ones at home. And they stayed with me through the job hunt ensuring I only applied for a legitimate, fairpaying job. If you’re on the fence, go for it!

– Suzanne McCurdy

Sales Manager at Instant Teams

I went through the BDR program almost one year ago. I had no idea what to expect, let alone what a BDR even was! The program is broken up into easily digestible sections that I could tackle in my already busy schedule. The small group sessions were my favorite. I went on to get a job at a fantastic company. I was hired with no work experience in the field because the interview team was so impressed with the Academy. The people who run the Academy are knowledgeable, supportive, and deserving of more praise than I could put into words. I highly recommend this program. It has changed my life and my family, as well.  

– Leslie Hauge Wernert

Senior BDR for Western and Central Regions at HappyCo

Our Programs Give You a Choice of Careers

We know when you choose to invest in YOU, you’re making an important decision for you and your family.
That’s why we focus on providing these skill sets for you to learn. They are incredibly in-demand, offer career growth, and allow you to work from anywhere life may take you.

Business Development

A Business Development Representative is a specialized role related to the sales department of a company.

While an Account Executive will close new business, Business Development Reps seek out and create the opportunity for their Account Executives to close.

You find ’em, they close ’em.

Learn More

Customer Success

Once the sales department brings accounts in, Customer Success Managers play an integral role in managing the daily flow and helping their customers to succeed and grow.

You’ll build relationships, strategize and troubleshoot, grow the accounts, and then watch them thrive. You are vital in the success that your customer accounts experience.

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Not Sure Which to Choose?

We totally understand – it’s a big choice!
Here’s a quick reference to help you decide:

Course Length

1:1 Instructor or Group Sessions

Mentorship Program

Average Full-Time Salary

Average Work Hours

Promotion Potential

MyCAA Approved

Payment Plan

Remote Career Path

    Business Development

  • 8 Weeks
  • $50,000 entry-level*
  • Business Hours
  • 18-24 Months
Program Overview

    Customer Success

  • 8 Weeks
  • $40,000 entry-level*
  • Business Hours
  • 18-24 Months
Program Overview

*base salary + commission earned

I can’t recommend the Academy enough.

They not only helped me pivot in my career, but they helped me figure out where my passions and talents meet to help me find a “dream job”.
Brooklyn Lanie Moreno